A microservices-based platform to reproduce network security scenarios. Learn, train and test your cybersecurity skills


Training services
Training companies and IT departments can use Docker Security Playground to organize training and to evaluate cybersecurity skills. Docker Security Playground could be used for educational purposes and as a platform to plan cybersecurity certifications.
By using Docker Security Playground, you can:
  • Create network and network security scenarios, in order to understand network protocols, rules, and security issues by installing DSP in your PC.
  • Learn penetration testing techniques by simulating vulnerability labs scenarios
  • Manage a set of docker-compose projects. The main goal of DSP is to learn penetration testing and network security, but its flexibility allows you to create, graphically edit and manage run / stop all your docker-compose labs.
Cyber Range Development
By using Docker Security Playground it is possible to create Cyber Range infrastructures or cyber training platforms. Cyber Range helps companies to train SoC Team responses.
Cyber Training platforms can be used for hiring purposes. Docker Security Playground can help you:
  • To prepare your blue and red team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios
  • To create cyber security labs to hire young Penetration Testers
Virtual Security Labs
Docker Security Playground offers several features that can help you to create a virtual security lab. Creating virtual laboratories allows you to perform security testing of real infrastructures and tuning of Intrusion Detection systems.
For example, it is possible:
  • to reproduce a real simulated environment, attack it and verify if the intrusion detection systems adopted in the company are able to detect attacks
  • to reproduce systems with recent vulnerabilities, launch attacks against such systems. In this way you can test the effects of an attack by a Penetration Test team;
Lastly, Docker Security Playground monitoring features can help you to perform tuning operations on installed Intrusion Detection and Firewall systems, identifying new "signatures" of the attacks.


Docker Security Playground is a microservices-based and open source platform, capable of running simultaneous container-based virtualization to create network security scenarios.

For network security researchers, virtualization is an fundamental way to generate network infrastructures. Docker Security Playground offers a platform to every professional figure that wants to learn about network security problems, vulnerabilities and tools, allowing to create a microservices-based platform composed of labs that are developed by using an IaC approach.



Through Docker technology it’s possible to have lightweight services on your own PC without the cost of a full virtualization, so Docker Security Playground takes advantages of this feature to provide users a full microservices-based framework for the implementation of attack scenarios in virtualized network infrastructures: labs designers can create their advanced network labs by using image created by other users (image designers).

Use these scenarios to learn each phase of a vulnerability assessment

Use container-based virtualization to create network security scenarios

Generate network infrastructures to have a virtual platform and limit experiment costs



Learn how to enumerate host or network users using SMTP verbs


A simple lab about scanning and enumeration of FTP/TFTP


Practice your DNS Enumeration skills


Linux Privilege Escalation Using PATH Variable


Privilege Escalation using scheduled cronjobs


Sudo v1.8.27 vulnerable to privilege escalation


Get a psk-key from a badly configured open swan server


Learn how to create an SSH tunnel with Local Port Forwarding


Learn how to create an SSH tunnel with Remote Port Forwarding

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